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The Sundancer line has been synonymous with Sea Ray since the brand opened its doors in 1959. If you think of Sea Ray, the Sundancer models are usually the first to come to mind. These watercraft are perfect for cruising and now that the weather is starting to warm up again, people are ready to get back out on the water. 

BMW’s Designworks, together with Sea Ray, is ahead of the curve with the release of the Sundancer 370 Outboard. What makes this addition to the Sundancer line different from its predecessors and what will it take to bring one home?

Sundancer 370’s Specs

The Sea Ray and BMW’s Designworks pulled out all the stops with this craft, whether you’re looking for an afternoon cruise or a dayboat you can use to spend the weekend out on the water in comfort and luxury. The Sundancer 370 comes equipped with three 300-hp Mercury Verado V8 JPS engines that reach the plane in 5.7 seconds and maintain it at as little as 15 mph. It has a dry weight of 21,008 lbs, but it can quickly fly across the water’s surface with a full tank — 250 gallons — while comfortably supporting 5+ people. 

There’s plenty of power to play with, whether you’re cruising out to your favorite fishing spot or putting the metaphorical pedal to the metal. If you can dish it out, the Sundancer 370 can take it. The auto trim option helps to adjust the outboard trim automatically. 

Unlike previous Sundancer models, which had a half-glass half-isinglass cabin, the 370 has an entire glass cabin. The side windows are half-glass as standard, but you can choose a full glass option to bring the whole look together and create a climate-controlled interior. You can also opt for a motorized hardtop, with options for a panoramic sunroof and side shades. 

You’ve got a pair of 12” Simrad GO12 displays at the helm that can display up to 6 panels on each screen. This feature makes it easy to create your custom user interface, with anything from electrical monitoring to tank controls and everything available at your fingertips. 

Bringing One Home

With luxury and power like this comes a substantial price tag and the Sundancer 370 is no different. The base 370 model starts at $782,800, but there are plenty of add-ons — like the Seakeeper 3 we’ve already mentioned — that can drive that price up even higher. Financing may be the ideal option if you’ve got your heart set on the Sundancer 370. With some boats priced similarly to houses, obtaining a boat loan should be easy if your credit is in good shape. 

Style and Comfort

It might not look like much from the outside, but the Sundancer 370 is designed with comfort in mind. From its spa-like head with a full shower to the lounge that folds out to a double-sleeper, it’s easy to ensure that everyone is comfortable, no matter how far you are from the nearest port. If you’re worried about rough seas, for an extra $54,000, Sea Ray offers the Seakeeper 3, a gyrostabilizer that can help reduce the roll and make spending the night at sea much more comfortable if you don’t have your sea legs yet.

While it lacks the full galley you might want for longer voyages, the 370 comes equipped with a fridge and microwave, so it’s easy to stock up on snacks and easy microwavable meals you can enjoy while you’re at sea. If you’re out fishing and want to cook your catch, there is plenty of space to grill as you head toward the craft’s aft. 

There is plenty of available seating and several seats — such as the one in the cabin — that you can switch from fore to aft depending on where you want to sit when the ship is at anchor. Even with all the options that Sea Ray has for you to choose from, there is always some room for customization.

Ride the Waves

The Sundancer 370 is the product of decades of engineering, trial and error and Sea Ray listening to its fans. They’ve made something that ticks all the boxes for most boating enthusiasts. This craft is perfect for cruising, weekend trips, or even longer voyages if you don’t mind getting friendly with the person next to you. 

Suppose you’ve got the chance to take one of these gorgeous pieces of boating engineering for a spin, take advantage of it. Sea Ray has put together something that you likely will never experience again, at least not in a ship of this size. 

Few things are more enjoyable for BMW owners than taking their luxury vehicles on long road trips. You get to watch the scenery fly by and drive to your heart’s content. However, to make your road trip experience that enjoyable, you must practice the right habits to ensure your health and safety. Here are eight tips for staying healthy on your next BMW road trip.

  1. Plan Your Route

You can’t expect to completely dodge traffic on an extended road trip, but you can reduce your exposure to it by planning ahead. Map your route to avoid congested roads and time the trip so you can miss rush hour traffic. These proactive measures can eliminate a significant chunk of time you otherwise would’ve spent sitting bumper to bumper.

  1. Watch Your Posture

Adjust the driver’s seat to about a 100-degree angle so your lower back gets enough support.  You could also use a cushion or small pillow to make driving more comfortable. Your legs should have room to stretch out, but not so much that you struggle to reach the pedals. Find that happy medium.

Make sure you don’t slouch or lean to one side while on the road. Keep your back straight and your head forward. Good posture will save you from some of the pain and stiffness that often comes after long hours of driving.

  1. Take Frequent Breaks

Listen to your body and take breaks as often as necessary. If you have to go, you have to go. There’s no need to rush your road trip, especially if you planned the route beforehand and accounted for all your stopping points. You can also keep your body loose and strong by stretching at each stop. Take your time and pull over when your mind or body gives you the signal.

  1. Pack Plenty of Snacks

You can make your road trip much more enjoyable by packing plenty of your favorite snacks before you set out. We’re supposed to eat a meal every four to five hours, but no one wants to stop that often for a full meal. You might have to go out of your way to find a good restaurant, and eating often takes upwards of an hour. 10-minute breaks are one thing, but such frequent extended stops will slow your progress significantly and throw off your timing.

Snacks will satisfy your hunger and keep you on the main path for longer stretches. It’s better to eat steadily and take shorter breaks than to eat just a few times a day and take longer breaks. Road trips are about steady progress.

  1. Identify Eating Spots Beforehand

Unless you plan on relying on your snacks, you will have to stop for a sit-down meal eventually. Save yourself time and stress by pinning a few restaurants as you plan your route so you don’t have to worry about finding a decent spot as you’re driving. Identify the locations you want to eat at beforehand, so you know when to stop and can factor the extra time into your schedule.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water might mean you have to stop for more bathroom breaks, but your health is the higher priority. Dehydration leads to mental and physical fatigue, which can affect your driving. Stay hydrated to keep yourself sharp behind the wheel and reduce the risk of an accident. Bring large water bottles and a small cooler so you have more than enough water to spare.

  1. Choose Your Overnight Stays Carefully

If your road trip lasts longer than one day, you must choose your overnight stay carefully. It’s one thing to stop at a local motel with a random vehicle, but a BMW attracts unwanted attention. Choose a trustworthy establishment with adequate parking, and try to book a room where you can see the parking lot from the outside.

  1. Switch Drivers 

Long hours behind the wheel takes a greater toll on your body than you think. You and your road trip companions should share the workload and give each other extended breaks from driving. You can nibble on snacks, take a nap or simply watch the scenery pass by. 

As much as you might cringe at the thought of letting other people drive your BMW, you can’t stay behind the wheel the whole time. You’ll become tired, grumpy and more prone to road rage and accidents. Give the responsibility to your friends for a while and recharge as a passenger.

Make Your BMW Road Trip Memorable

To make your BMW road trip a memorable experience, you must plan with purpose. Map your route so you can dodge traffic and enjoy more stretches of open road. Monitor your posture and take breaks whenever necessary.

Pack enough food and water to keep yourself energized. Choose appropriate restaurants and overnight accommodations, and lastly, switch drivers when you get tired. Don’t focus on the destination so much and enjoy the journey.

The BMW brand is one that’s been associated with power, luxury and safety for more than a century. When you get behind the wheel of one of these marvels of automotive engineering, you can expect a ride that you’ll never forget. BMW may design their cars with the top safety features in mind, but there are still a few things you can do and changes you can make to help make your vehicle safer in the long run. 

Author’s Note: Many of these features, such as the reverse cameras and blind-spot alerts, may already be available only to your BMW. We’re still going to include them for drivers who may not have purchased those options or driving older BMW models. 

1. Upgrade Your Tires

You can install every safety device known to man or beast on your BMW, but if you are running cheap tires, you’re not doing everything possible to keep yourself safe on the road. The quality of your tires controls everything from how well the car grips the road to how quickly you can stop in different conditions.

Opt for higher-quality tires, and make sure you’re Chevy/GM Keyfob for your location. Someone in Florida would not need heavy-duty winter tires, but the summer tires you might use in the Sunshine State won’t be enough to keep you safe during the cold winter months.

2. Organize Your Cables

We take our electronic devices with us everywhere, which often means having a bundle of charging cables stashed away under the dash or in the center console. These cables are convenient, but if they get tangled or twisted around vital components — like your gearshift or emergency brake — they can get dangerous.

Take the time to organize your cables and keep them out of the way whenever possible. Ideally, you don’t want to use your phone or other mobile devices while driving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plug it in and charge it while you’re en-route to your destination. 

3. Investing in Ignition Interlock Devices

We all know better than to get behind the wheel drunk, but that common sense won’t stop an inebriated thief — or a drunk friend — from making off with your BMW if they can get behind the wheel. Interlock ignition devices require the driver to blow into a breathalyzer before the engine starts.

If the device detects they’ve been drinking, the car won’t start. Law enforcement offices usually install interlock devices after someone is convicted of a DUI or DWI. Still, there are systems you can install in your vehicle as a precautionary measure.

4. Install Dash/Reverse Cameras

No one wants to think about getting into an accident, especially if they drive a BMW, but these things happen. Assuming that you’re not injured, the biggest challenge lies in proving who was at fault. If you don’t have dash cams installed in your vehicle, it’s your word against the other driver’s word.

Dashcams provide irrefutable proof that you can provide to law enforcement and your insurance company to prove your case. Reverse cams also make it less likely that you’re going to crash into a curb or another car when your vehicle is in reverse. 

5. Stick to Your Maintenance Schedule

Every vehicle that rolls off the assembly line regardless of its make or model comes with a recommended maintenance schedule. Sticking to that schedule doesn’t just help keep your car running smoothly. It can also help make your BMW safer.

Tasks like rotating and aligning the tires can ensure that you get the best possible traction while you’re on the road. Other tasks, such as changing the oil and swapping out the filters, may not need to happen as frequently, but they’re just as important.

6. Install Blind-Spot Alerts

Many newer luxury cars come equipped with blind-spot alerts, but if your driving an older model or didn’t opt for that add-on, there are aftermarket options available. These sensors alert you if someone is hidden in your blind spot, helping you prevent accidents and protect other drivers on the road.

This feature is essential if you live or drive in an area that sees a lot of motorcycle traffic. It is very easy for these smaller vehicles to hide in blind spots, especially if you’re not hyper-vigilant when navigating highways or changing lanes. 

Stay Safe Out There

Whether you’re driving the newest BMW on the market or using an antique model as your daily driver, these simple steps can help make your car safer. They don’t require any massive changes or investments, but they can make an enormous difference when you’re out on the highway.

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